Sugarman Design School of Imaging

The Small Class Advantage

The Sugarman Design School of Imaging offers you the comfort and efficiency of small, private, or semi-private classes. You will learn at your own pace, and receive one-on-one assistance from a professional photographer with more than 24 years of photography and digital imaging experience. Photography Courses are offered in small groups of 4-8 students while Image Editing Courses are offered as one-on-one private sessions or groups of 2-3. 

Your Instructor,
 visual communicator and educator, Jonathan Sugarman, operates Sugarman Design - a one-stop-shop for all services related to photography, graphic design and digital imaging education. His wide range of knowledge on photography, imaging, and design means that he will be able to answer any question you might have, plus he has all the necessary resources to teach you as much as you need to know. 

An avid photographer since 1978, Jonathan also has over 18 years of experience teaching Photography at St Lawrence College. What does this mean to you? It means that Jonathan is flexible and will be able to adapt to your learning style. Plus, he will be able to provide you with clear, understandable explanations so that you will go home with knowledge, confidence, and a solid understanding of all the concepts. All of his experience is at your fingertips; the only thing you need to do is ask questions! 

Jonathan has been a Kingstonian all of his life but has also traveled to many parts of the world taking pictures along the way. His keen interest in photography has led him to explore all kinds of genres and styles from commercial to abstract. He’ll teach you the in’s and the outs of the business just as he learned them - through hands-on experience. This guarantees that you will know the theory behind every concept covered in class, and more importantly, that you will be able to apply those concepts every time you get behind your camera or in front of your computer. Most courses include take-home reference material, that you can use to refresh your knowledge in the future.